Youth at any age
Youth at any age

The Growth Phase

After a period of one year the full capacity of growth potential is achieved, an accurate result of success can then be assessed. The following timeline will help you assess the process yourself.

After your operation and within the first few days, varying from person to person, swelling may be observed. This is a natural part of the healing process. Swelling usually begins on the third day and starts to reduce by day six. Within five to seven days it is normal to observe a little exfoliation in certain areas of the head where the operation has been performed.
During this stage your hair will begin to grow between 1-2 mm, you may begin to use the correct washing procedure as demonstrated to you by our experts. This in turn shall lead to an improvement as the scabs begin to fall off
After one week your hair will start to grow noticeably during which time a feeling of itchiness, oiliness and the development of acne–like vesicles are perfectly normal. These are only temporary. New process of growth will last on average three months. During this time the newly grown hair may look thin as some follicles may grow at different rates. On completion of this phase your hair will begin to shed and will eventually grow back at a more even rate giving a thicker appearance.
During the fifth and sixth months a large percentage of the transplanted growth phase is complete. Some of the hair may grow in plumes or may be seen under the skin. The hair may grow 2-3 cm during this period and can be seen to thicken over time.
Between months eight and ten the patient will notice considerable results due to the operation. During these months the thickness of the hair increases greatly and the overall appearance of the patient is greatly improved.
Within one year of the operation the full results become obvious and the patient may expect continued growth for the remainder of their lives. By this stage the the patient is free to experiment with different hairstyles and colours, no special hair care will be necessary at all.
Concerning the grooming of your hair it is advised to use scissors for the initial three months and the if you wish you may use a razor, however it is strongly advised that you avoid dying of hair until a minimum of six months have passed.