Youth at any age
Youth at any age

Post Operative Hair Wash

Using Lotion

Our doctors will recommend emollient lotions which are known as improving the regeneration rate of skin cells on the scalp, moisturizing the skin and helping to soften scabs.

Week 1 - Donor Area

You will be recommended to use the lotion only on the donor area during the first week. You will be told to gently cover the entire of your donor area with the lotion and rinse it after an hour while washing your hair.

Week 2 - Donor & Transplant Area

You will be allowed to use the lotion on both donor and transplant areas in the second week. You need to gently cover the entire of your donor & transplant area and rinse them after an hour while washing your hair. It is very important to apply the lotion in the same direction as the transplanted hair. This will help you to prevent any damage to the grafts.

Using Shampoo

Our doctors will recommend medical shampoo which is known as accelerating the recovery process and helping to soften and remove the scabs.

After you wait for an hour after the lotion application, you need to create foam between your hands with this medical shampoo and gently apply it to the donor and transplant area. You can rinse the foam after waiting for 2-3 minutes.


You should not rinse the areas with hot and pressured water but warm water. You will also not be allowed to use the shower but a bowl full of water. In addition to these, you need to pay attention to rinsing the shampoo well.


You will not be allowed to use towels for drying your hair and scalp. You need to use a hairdryer which blows cold air and use it from at least 30 centimeters away.

This is the main guideline for post operative hair wash and our doctors will provide you with more detailed information. If you need any further information about the process or any healthcare services, please feel free to contact us at any time.