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DHI (Direct Hair Implantation) involves the use of a special tool called Choi implanter to directly transplant the collected grafts into the scalp. This application allows the grafts to remain outside of the scalp for a shorter time.. One of the most prominent advantages of this method is that the patient does not need to fully shave his or her head for the operation..

Performing DHI

  • During a hair transplant procedure with the DHI technique, the surgeon directly collects the grafts into the implanter pen.
  • Subsequently, the needle is inserted at an angle of 40-45 degrees into the scalp by the surgeon, as the incision site is made and then the graft is directly implanted by pressing down on the plunger.
  • During a procedure, 2-6 Choi implanters that are sterilized before each operation and around 15 non-reusable needles are used, with the device coming in a variety of needle sizes to fit the graft sizes unique to each patient.

Advantages of DHI Technique

  • Reduced operating time.
  • Reduced bleeding during the operation
  • Fast recovery during the postoperative phase
  • Shave-free technique can be used to preserve hair on areas that are neither for transplantation nor donation.