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Youth at any age

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Do you have history of baldness in the family?

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"I had my hair transplant in BAC, turkey , under the supervision of Dr Nuri. It was an interesting tour. We went a day earlier in order to see the historical Istanbul. It was a remarkable day. Next day we were taken to the BAC clinic. We were received by Dr Nuri and his Staff. In the beginning I was a bit nervous but soon I started feeling comfortable. The procedure was performed by very professional surgeons. It took approximately 6 hours. everything went smooth and good. The staff was friendly, professional, and empathic..."



"I used DR.Nuri and his team on November 1st 2019 my experience was faultless from picking me up from this airport to dropping me back off to return home! The procedure was fully explained to me and I was more than happy with how it went! These guys really know what they are doing it’s been 3 mouths now and I’ve already got a full head of hair! I can’t express enough how happy and glad I went with DR. "


Paul C.

"I would like to share my experience of having a hair transplant with you. My hair has been thinning for a number of years, but when I researched clinics in the UK the price was prohibitively expensive, so I started to consider going abroad to get my hair sorted, but the thought of travelling half way around the world was a little daunting, but when I read other people's experiences I decided to give it a go. I contacted BAC Clinic in Istanbul, ..."



"I had a hair transplant about 18 years ago in the UK where they strip harvested sin with hair follicles from the donor area at the back to the front, I will be blatantly honest with you I was a bit deflated with the result and now have a scar from ear to ear which meant I could never go below a grade 3 where the donor area is or it looked like I had just taken a hat off..."


Paul Devon

"Honestly what an amazing experience. Dr Nuri is a very caring Doctor who puts his patients first. He has completely transformed my hair and has helped me get my confidence back. I highly urge anyone who’s even considering this procedure to get it done via Dr Nuri & Team. They are BRILLIANT. "


Sef Naqui

"Very happy to give a positive review. Was treated with the upmost care and professionalism from start to finish. After 4 months I'm seeing some great results and I'm expecting the results to keep on coming in the next few months. This clinic is great value for money and you won't be disappointed."


Bernard Morgan

"Dr nuri was incredible, the whole trip from the airport to the hotel to the clinic to the surgery was perfect. Everything flowed perfectly the treatment was amazing the experience was outstanding the results of the surgery were incredible, I have no complaints whatsoever and I would highly recommend going through this clinic for your procedure. "


Mason TV


As a doctor, I do everything in my power for my patients' health and happiness. This includes staying up to date with the most advanced techniques and innovations in the science of medicine, as well as never settling for anything short of perfection.In my clinic, we believe in helping each other, working as a team to achieve the level of excellence that I believe we can. These are the founding principles behind the BAC Clinic. We know that the satisfaction of having a healthy, strong hair once again is an amazing feeling. The happiness of our patients makes us happier than you can imagine. In this journey, we walk together, you will never be alone.


What Makes Unique

  • BAC Clinic is located in Istanbul, the emerging capital of medical tourism where more than a million patients from all over the world visit each year for a wide variety of treatments ranging from cardiovascular surgery to cosmetic surgery, ophthalmology to dentistry. We are proud to be part of this field as providers of medical services as well as industry pioneers challenging ourselves each day by working hard to set the golden standard in hair restoration and cosmetic surgery.
  • With BAC Clinic, the treatment you’ve been dreaming of becomes an unforgettable holiday experience in Istanbul, the bridge between Europe and Asia, East and West, ancient and modern.
  • Facilities in compliance with the most advanced international standards of hygiene and safety. Our highly experienced staff with doctors, nurses, hair experts and surgical technicians all with full certification work together in every case and provide exceptional service.
  • Patient satisfaction always comes first. We use the safest and most efficient pain management methods available under the supervision of an anesthesiologist doctor to ensure a smooth operation.


In the new age of medicine, healthcare providers should be able to offer much more than just medical interventions. Our patients deserve the best treatment that is good for their health, does not waste their time and money, and is an exciting and memorable experience.

We chose to operate our clinic in Istanbul because it offers everything our patients deserve. Istanbul has always been one of the most popular touristic destinations, with its ancient history, safety and ease of travel. As the European capital of health tourism, this is where the latest innovations and the most reputable clinics can be found working together for patients from all over the world, and we proud to be a leader in our field on the global scale. We invite you have the experience of a lifetime with us in Istanbul, and much more than just a treatment.



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